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Home compostable fruit stickers for hand and automated fruit and vegetable labelingFirst generation home compostable fruit label now available

  By Duncan Jones, Senior Marketing Manager

Our first generation of home compostable fruit label is here.

Having launched the first 'OK compost' and 'Seeding certified' industrial compostable fruit label in 2019, we are proud to announce the launch of our first 'OK compost HOME' fruit label, Sinclair - T50.

It has not been an easy development road to meet the French legislation for January 1, 2022, but Sinclair - T50 meets French home composting standard NF T 51-800 and complies with French law no. 2020-105 Article 80.

The label construction has independent 'OK compost HOME' certification from TÜV AUSTRIA, having passed the home composting testing requirements. The fruit label construction is plastic-free and partially bio-based. In a home compost environment, Sinclair - T50 will biodegrade into usable compost material within 365 days *.

* Compost position, location temperature and other factors will influence the speed of the label disintegration and biodegradation into usable compost matter.

Program Manager Liz Correia comments, 'Sinclair - T50 is the first generation of our home compostable fruit label program. The label is suitable for hand-labeling applications as well as high-speed, automated labeling. It has taken time; the testing process alone can take up to 365 days; we have shown fruit labeling has a sustainable future and can continue to provide functional packaging and product data to meet consumer and retailer expectations".

Banana customers first to order

Following the label's launch, Sinclair has secured our first Sinclair - T50 orders for hand-labeling bananas grown in Colombia and Ecuador.  These hand-labeled bananas are being exported to France and are required to meet French law no. 2020-105 Article 80, starting January 1, 2022.

John Rogers, Commercial Director North America comments, "We are thrilled with our recent customer orders of Sinclair - T50 labels for hand-labeling on bananas. The Sinclair team has been working tirelessly to develop and manufacture a sustainable fruit labeling solution in which the entire banana peel, fruit label included, can be composted in the proper home compostable environment. We are looking forward to continued success as we work on other designs and ideas with these customers."

Sinclair —T50 is an important achievement for the fresh produce industry, and we are excited to announce its availability for hand-labeling and automated, high-speed labeling applications.  In addition to bananas, we have completed trials on Apples, Kiwis, Pears, and a number of other fruits and vegetables.

Duncan Jones, Senior Marketing Manager, commented, "While we are delighted with our success in providing customers our first-generation home compostable label, the automated, high-speed labeling, performance is not what we envisioned.  It is, however, only the start; we are learning rapidly and working towards the second-generation home compostable fruit label with improved performance.



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