Direct printing of up to 720 fruits and vegetables per minute.

Our Sinclair Print On Demand® technology

Print variable information at the point of application.

Print on Demand variable print technology

Print variable information at the point of application with exceptional quality as fruits and vegetables are conveyed at speed. The Sinclair TruTab® label is the only tabbed label available for direct thermal variable print labeling applications.


Product features:
  • Single and multi-lane (one to 12) sizer interface

  • Quick change SmartCassette technology

  • Available with non-tab and Sinclair TruTab® labels

  • Easily prints PLU, lot codes, dates and other variable data

  • Runs a wide range of label shapes and sizes

  • 60 to 720 fpm

  • All service and spare parts included

  • Convenient waste tape collection available

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