Leave a lasting impression with branded, food-safe labels.

We adhere to a strong set of principles

A commitment to service, supporting our customers where and when they need us

A dedication to innovation, continuously improving our products and services

A pledge to the environment, minimizing our footprint as much as possible
A promise of food-safe products, ensuring every label we make is compliant with key global regulations

The Sinclair Advantage

When you choose Sinclair, you don’t just get labels on produce. You get a partner. A partner that builds solutions around you, supports you when and where you need it, shares your big-picture vision and handles all the small moving parts.

A history of leadership.

In the beginning


More than three decades ago, when Sinclair was founded in Norwich, England, the majority of produce branding was on the box. Individual fruits and vegetables had no identity. We decided it was time to give fruits and vegetables the branding they deserve. As a result, we pioneered the development of patented technology in automatic high-speed fruit-labeling systems for individual pieces of fresh produce — often running at 12 fruit per second.

A presence today


Today, we deliver a comprehensive offering of food-safe fresh produce labels and labeling equipment that enable packers and shippers to showcase their brand identity and differentiate themselves. Based in Fresno, California, and Norwich, England, Sinclair now has 9 label-manufacturing sites around the world with labeling systems installed in more than 45 countries worldwide. Our labels are unsurpassed, comprised of micro-thin material that is food-safe and complies with requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU).

A pulse on tomorrow


With a portfolio of more than 79 issued patents, we take pride in product excellence. We pioneered produce labeling and commercialized many product innovations such as Sinclair Tab-Lift®, Sinclair Peel & Reveal®, Sinclair Print on Demand®, the Sinclair Compact Pattern Labeler™, and the groundbreaking RM6 with its game-changing rotary head and bellows label application system. Furthermore, Sinclair technical service is recognized as a leader in providing support, consultative technical advice and analysis for optimal labeling efficiency.

Connected to a family of leaders.

Sinclair International is part of a family of companies that is operated by Gulftech. Read about this important partnership and what it means for you.

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