Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50

Certified 'OK compost HOME' labels for automated, high-speed fruit labeling


  • Environmentally friendly

    The label construction is bio-based and plastic free.

  • Composts within 365 days

    Disintegrates and biodegrades into usable compost.

  • 'OK compost HOME' certified

    Independently certified 'OK compost HOME' by TÜV AUSTRIA (Cert. No. TA8022105858)

Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 certified home compostable label

Suitable for hand or high-speed automated fruit labeling, the label construction is partially bio-based and plastic-free. Having passed rigorous home composting testing requirements, Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 is certified ‘OK compost HOME’ by TÜV AUSTRIA assuring environmental performance and suitability for home composting.

  • Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 can be disposed of in a home compost and will biodegrade into usable compost material within 365 days*.
  • The label meets French home composting standard NF T 51-800 to comply with French law no. 2020-105 Article 80.
  • The label construction is certified ‘OK compost HOME’ to ensure that the combined fruit label components - adhesive, face stock material, and inks - have no adverse impact on the environment
  • ​The label meets all EU and FDA food safety requirements

​* Compost position, location temperature and other factors will influence the speed of the label disintegration and biodegradation into usable compost matter.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ‘OK compost HOME™ - T50’ and who is TÜV AUSTRIA?

    TÜV AUSTRIA is an independent and recognised certification body for ‘OK compost HOME’. TÜV AUSTRIA created the ‘OK compost HOME’ certification standard to allow companies and organisations to guarantee complete biodegradability against specific requirements, even if in your garden compost heap.

    'OK compost HOME' is not based on a standard but is the basis for several standards. The OK compost HOME certification programme provides an accepted framework that details all the technical requirements that a product must meet in order to obtain the certification.

  • What tests did Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 pass in order to achieve ‘OK compost HOME’ certification?

    To meet the TÜV AUSTRIA ‘OK compost HOME’ certification requirements a product must pass four tests. The tests are:

    • Heavy Metals and Fluorine (2-3 weeks)

    • Disintegration (must be within 6 months)

    • Biodegradation (must be within 365 days)

    • Plant toxicity, cress and barley (2 weeks)

  • Is Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 plastic free and bio-based?

    The label face stock is a paper-based material. It is a virgin material, meaning it does not contain recycled materials. There is no plastic based material used in the construction of the label and the label is classified as partially bio-based. This enables the fruit label to meet French home composting standard NF T 51-800.

  • Will a home compostable label look the same as a standard label?

    The printing process for our compostable label uses Eco Inks in a four-color print process (CMYK). Many of our standard labels are printed with a Pantone® color print process using Pantone® inks (also known as spot color) that have been created to a common global standard.

    NOTE: When converting to a home compostable label from a standard label, new label artwork is required and a new printing plate is required when moving from Pantone spot color process to the Eco Ink CMYK color process

    We use Eco Inks to ensure Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 meets the testing requirements for home composting. Our Customer Service and Label Production a Teams will work to ensure conversion from Pantone to CMYK color reproduction is as close as possible to the original brand colors. A physical digital proof of label artwork is provide for customer approval prior to plate ordering and printing.

  • What legislation does Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 meet?

    Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 label meets French home composting standard NF T 51-800 and complies with French law no. 2020-105 Article 80. At this time Sinclair EcoLabel HOME does not meet the Australian Standard AS4736-2006.

  • Is the Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 fruit label suitable for all Sinclair labeling systems?

    Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 is not be compatible with Sinclair Print-on-Demand® as is a direct thermal variable print labeling application or Sinclair Large Label V6. All other Sinclair labeling systems can be used with Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50.
    Try Before you Buy
    As Sinclair Ecolabel HOME™ - T50 is a new first-generation product to market and has different characteristics to our standard labels and Sinclair EcoLabel® INDUSTRIAL - T49. We therefore recommend customers to ‘try before you buy’ so the material and performance can be evaluated and understood first-hand.

  • What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

    Compostable products by definition are biodegradable. However, compostable products must also break down, or become part of usable, soil-enhancing compost in a safe and timely manner in an appropriate composting facility or home compost pile. 

    Biodegradable products must return to nature, disintegrating or disappearing completely. A biodegradable product may be broken down by microorganisms, but this does not necessarily imply that the product can be converted into a soil-nurturing compost. This disintegration is not bound by time and does not need to enhance quality. Metallic or toxic residue from materials is often released in the return-to-nature process and is still considered part of biodegradation.

  • Is Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ - T50 food-safe?

    The label meets all EU and FDA food safety requirements for direct contact onto fresh produce.

    We pride ourselves on our extremely high standards for food safety and quality. As regulations change, we are seeing an increase in demand for supplier questionnaires and corresponding food safety requests. We are committed to supporting our customer's food safety programs and to do so we provide our customers a Quality Assurance and Food Safety (QAFS) and Declarations of Compliance.

  • What does ‘a certified label construction’ mean?

    To construct a fruit label 3 components are used - adhesive, face stock and inks. If the label components used to manufacture a label are individually certified for home composting it does not mean the resulting construction is an industrial or home compostable label construction. A manufactured label must have its final construction - face stock, adhesive and inks together - tested and passed to be able to apply for, and achieve, ‘OK compost HOME’ certification.

  • How can I order labels?

    If you are an existing customer please order via your local Customer Service Team or Sinclair Agent. If you are a new customer please tell us about your requirements.

  • What is the difference between 'OK compost INDUSTRIAL' and 'OK compost HOME'?

    Products that are solely OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified are those that compost only in industrial composting facilities (at temperatures between 55 to 60°C), so products that are solely OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified should not go into the garden compost.

    Conversely, 'OK compost HOME' refers to products that also compost at lower temperatures, so they can go into the compost heap in a garden at home.

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