Prints variable information at the point of application as fruit and vegetable is conveyed at speed.


  • High-speed labeling

    Up to 720 fruits per minute

  • Multi-lane 1-12

    Customizable installation, interfaces with sizer

  • Print Variable data

    Easily prints PLU, lot codes, dates and other variable data

High-speed variable print fruit labeling - Sinclair Print on Demand®

Want to simplify you label inventory and have a flexible label solution?
With Sinclair Print on Demand® at point of application you can directly print variable information such as barcodes, PLU’s, dates or batch/lot numbers at high speed onto your fruit label.

An automated, high-speed system, Sinclair Print on Demand® will simplify your label inventory requirements You will need to stock less label inventory by using only a “blank” label to provide the flexibility you need in your labeling program.

With fewer label designs in stock you can reduce your inventory costs but still promote your brand and provide your customers the label information you need to.


  • Print variable label information and apply fruit labels at speeds of up to 720 fruits per minute

  • Mountable over a sizer/grader or singulated conveyor

  • Customizable, multi-lane installation, up to 12 lanes

  • Intuitive touch screen for fast and easy operation

  • Soft-touch, food-safe label application for all fruit types

  • Selective labeling via sizer/grader interface

  • Supplied with SmartCassette technology to make label roll changes quick and easy

  • ​Print On Demand® labels are available in various shapes and sizes - we work with you to design your label

  • Labels meet EU and FDA food-safety requirements for direct contact to fruits and vegetables

​Our Service Team provides in-field expertise and support as part of your labeling agreement including:

    - System installation & maintenance

    - Pre-season audits and inspections
    - Label operator training




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